Steps to create song name id on facebook.

Song Name Facebook Account
Song Name Facebook Account
1) Download tunnel bear from google(Not from play store) because play store asosiated tunnel bear did not work well.
2) Then set country japan in tunnel bear after install.

3) Then go to your account name change settings.


4) Then type first word (ケ) then type your song and did not give simple keyboard space between words either your name will not me accepted. Give ( ) this space in brackets by copying it between all words in song line.
5) After this simple method you can easily own a song name id as i have given my account's screen shot

Hindi me(Steps to Create song Name ID)

1.Sab Se pehle Tunnel bear ya Koi bhi VPn download kar lijiye.
2.Ab Apko Usme se Japan Country se connect karna hai.
3.Ab Facebook Name change me Jaiye aur Apna Naam Bhariye(Song Name).Naam ke Starting me (ケ) ye Bracket ke andar wala Character daaliye.uske baad Naam Likhiye.
 4.Apna Jo bhi Naam bharoge usme Normal Space ka Use nahi karna hai uski jagah Japanese space ka use kariye.
Japanese space is Bracket me hai( ).
Ab Name Ko save kar dijiye apna Pasword daalkar.
Ab apka Song name account Tyaar hai☺
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